A lot of firsts

Happy Friday! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade watching, good food and fellowship, and were surrounded by those you love. 

Today Jack is 1 month old! Life around here can be described at any given time during the day (or night) as wonderful, chaotic, loud, joyful, sleepy, or smelly. Jack is a great baby and Caroline is adjusting well to being a big sister. Our house is full of baby gear and toddler toys galore, our car's backseat is full of carseats, our garbage can is full of dirty diapers, but our hearts are full of love for "our kids." It makes me smile every time I see those two little words next to each other and I thank my lucky stars every day that I get to be their Mommy.  

In the past month, we have experienced many firsts...

Jack's first Thanksgiving, 


my first time out of the house with both kids by myself, 

(We went to Target to buy one item that we were out of: DESITIN. This picture was taken while we were parked on the driveway!) 


Caroline's first haircut, first pigtails, and yes....first lollipop, 

(First haircut was traaaaaaaaumatic, first pigtails went unnoticed,

and first lollipop was ah-maaaaaazing)

kids' first (of many!) matching pajamas and coordinating outfits, 


Jack's first bath,



first Mommy/daughter outfit coordination!


Have a wonderful weekend, friends! 

Hey Little Baby!

Nope, no baby yet! However, I am at that point in this pregnancy when I call my Mom and she answers the phone with "Oh! Are you okay?!" :) We will be at full term on Thursday, so 3 more weeks to go until Baby Boy's due date!

The library is back in Caroline's good graces. For some reason, the library was the worst place in the world for 2 weeks (oh, toddlers!) but we have been able to go back and check out new books! 

Last week, I picked out Hey Little Baby by Heather Leigh off of the shelf because I thought it would be a nice addition to the inundation of big sister books we have been reading! It turns out that Hey Little Baby is one of those heart-warming, makes-a-pregnant-mama-cry kind of books. The book  asks questions like, " Little baby, what will you find in this world? What will you find in this marvelous world?" and "Little Baby, you've found your hands. What will you make with those beautiful hands?" This book isn't quite at the Love you Forever book level of crying, but it's still very touching. Baby Boy will find it under the Christmas tree this year :) 



Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week, friends! 


Time, slow down puh-lease!

Caroline turned 20 months old yesterday. In just 10 short weeks (give or take a little!), she is going to be a big sister, Baby Boy will be here, and we will have two babies under the age of 2! Do you ever feel like you are moving in slow motion but the world around you is moving at warp speed?! Because right now, I do!

In hopes of slowing down time a dot, or at least taking time to savor each milestone, I thought I would share the few ways we have kept track of Caroline's milestones over the past 20 months...

Caroline has a baby book, but way before milestones were noted in said baby book, they were written in a note in my iPhone. I always seem to have my phone on me and it's a reeeeeeeeally easy way to quickly record such things as the first time Caroline sat up on her own or the first time she signed "more." 

Every so often, I get the itch to scrapbook so I decided to make a scrapbook of Caroline's first year. OMG! If I knew how much Caroline was going to love looking at all of the "babies" in the "Caroline book," I would have made this scrapbook a whole lot sooner! It is adorable to see her flip through the pages and identify family members. My favorite part of going through the scrapbook with her is when we get to this pic from her 1st birthday party...


Caroline has determined that this baby needs a HUG! So she gives this baby a "hug" every time we see it. 

While Pinterest-ing, I saw an idea to paint a canvas with the handprints of each family member. We currently have this canvas hanging in our kitchen from 2013 and we'll be making another one by the end of 2014 with the addition of Baby Boy's handprint...

 Clockwise, starting in the top left...Greg, Emmet, me, and Caroline

Clockwise, starting in the top left...Greg, Emmet, me, and Caroline

My most favorite way to track time in Caroline's first year was to take monthly pictures in her Caroline chair. At first, the monthly "photo shoots" averaged about 50 pictures per month with various props and position changes. As Caroline inched closer to the one year mark, I was lucky to get just a few pictures each month of her sitting/standing still in her chair! These pics are framed in Caroline's room and boy, do these pictures make my heart happy every time I look at them...

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Thanks for swinging by, sweet readers! 

Crafting in the Pre-Pinterest days

6+ years ago when we were planning for our wedding, there was no Pinterest. Crazy, I know! Apparently, the first prototype of Pinterest launched in March 2010, but only in the past few months have I joined this time-suck full of amazing ideas called Pinterest.  

I'm pretty sure within a week of being proposed to, I had a stack of wedding magazines as high as our coffee table and I had flipped through most of them at least once. One of the ideas that I found in a magazine (yes, that makes me sound old...) was to create ribbon boards to display the guests' place cards at the reception. I loved this idea because I could incorporate our wedding colors (raspberry & orange) and I was in the mood for a DIY project.

My Mom and I took on the ribbon board project with gusto! We used canvases as the base, covered the canvas with fabric, and secured the ribbons with thumbtacks. Below are the finished products at our wedding reception. 

Well, fast forward to 2012 when we were prepping the nursery for Caroline's arrival. The color scheme for her nursery was also raspberry and orange so we decided to hang the ribbon boards in Caroline's room as part of the decor. I absolutely love that we were able to reuse the ribbon boards and that they have such sentimental value. 

Now, fast forward to the present as we prep the nursery for Baby Boy's arrival in November! A raspberry and orange color scheme worked great for Caroline, but Baby Boy's room will have a gray, dark blue, and orange motif. I know what you're thinking...Baby Boy needs his own ribbon boards. Yes indeed!

While my Mom was visiting earlier this month, we scoured the local craft stores for the supplies and spent two evenings after Caroline went to bed making these...

Baby Boy may not have a lot of blue clothes to wear yet, but he does have wall decor! Phew! ;) These ribbon boards have been simple to make and are very affordable wall decor that add a great pop of color to any nursery/room!

Etsy Baby Love

So many of the items I purchase on Etsy come from recommendations from friends and blogs that I follow so I thought I would share some of my recent faves...

- Great friends just had their second baby and we sent this package their way

- This monogrammed hat was adorable and warm for C's first winter


- C's nursery is a mix of pinks and orange and I fell in love with this mobile

- We tracked C's first year with these monthly stickers and Baby Boy already has a set too

- This Rudolph baby hat is ridiculously awesome. Merry Christmas to Baby Boy!

- As I start to think about nursing Baby Boy, I'm loving this Boppy cover 

- We received a Boppy lounger as a gift with Caroline and we LOVED it! This time around, I think we'll purchase a cover for the lounger because it gets so much use. 

What are your favorite Etsy shops? I'd love to hear about them! 

A Recap of June 2014

This month we found out that Caroline is going to have a little BROTHER in early November!

It's a...


Other goings on this month included...making homemade blackberry, lemonade popsicles (yum!), some family time at the beach, mastering the art of puzzles, a fun date night with the husband, a lot of run/walks around the neighborhood with the stroller & tricycle, and many outdoor picnics when our AC was broken. 

Have a wonderful 4th of July holiday weekend!