Pie with Chicka

For the past month, Jack has decided that he wanted/needed to nurse or snuggle multiple times between the hours of 1am and 7am. Alas, that trend stopped last night with a marathon slumber from 7:30pm - 5am for Jack. Wooooooohoooooo! Consecutive hours of sleep can really work wonders for this Mommy. Besides snuggling with sweet Jack in the wee hours of the morning, I got some quality time surfing the world wide web. I came across a recipe for Twix Ice Cream Pie thanks to Two Peas and their Pod Blog and I just had to share! Oh my gosh, this recipe is a good one! 

Last Saturday morning Caroline spied the ingredients of the pie spread out on the counter and decided it would be a good time to help! So with Caroline standing at the counter and Jack in the baby carrier, we started to make this decadent and delicious pie. Side note...Caroline is VERY into the show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood right now and she decided that Miss Elaina and O the Owl (2 of the show's characters) were going to help us too! 

Basically, the pie is a shortbread cookie crust with a layer of melted chocolate, vanilla ice cream with Twix candy bars and salted caramel in it, garnished with more Twix and more salted caramel. Caroline has a sweet tooth like her Mommy and whenever chocolate is involved, Caroline is interested! As I was cutting up the Twix bars, I heard a lot of, "I want more chicka please!" Chicka = chocolate :) 

Here are some pics from our pie making adventure! 

If you are looking for a relatively easy and yummy pie to complement your summer BBQ,

this pie is a winner! 

Hi from Caroline!

Hiiiiiiii! It's Caroline. My Mommy has been really tired so she hasn't been posting as often. They tell me there is a baby coming to our house in 6 weeks, but I don't know WHAT they're talking about. We already have a baby here at our house; my baby (doll) is sitting in his bouncy chair and I feed him his bottle once a day. 

Well, anyways...here's what I've been up to lately: 


Whenever I'm sleeping in my crib, I have Bunny right next to me so we can snuggle. 


Do you know how fun it is to put on and take off Daddy's sunglasses? Waaaaaaay fun! 

Mommy and I stamped with apples.  It was fun, but so confusing because I love to eat apples and Mommy wouldn't let me eat the apples that had paint on them. 

I like to color with my crayons...a lot! Each month a box comes to our house from a place called Amazon. Once we take the diapers and wipes out of this box, I get to color allllllllll over the box! 

We went to a special place called Charlottesville for a quick visit. I can say the word 'apple' so when we went apple picking, I had a lot to say! Mommy and Daddy let me run on the Lawn and walk by the Serpentine walls. If you have a chance to go, walking on the curb like a tightrope walker is really cool! 


One more thing...I have more hair now! And I am also quite skilled in walking in Mommy's running shoes. We'll be running with the Double Bob Stroller in no time!

Thanks for reading, friends! Mommy says she will be back soon!

Life lately...

Happy Wednesday All! Hope you're having a good week! Here's what we've been up to recently according to my iPhone pictures....

We have been spending a lot of our days outside, playing with C's new water table and exploring the playgrounds in the area! My new meal planning notepad arrived from Brim Papery and I'm ready to try it out...isn't Brim Papery's packaging just the cutest?! Strawberry picking is one of my MOST favorite things to do and Greg and Caroline took me on Mother's Day for our first picking of the season! This week started the beginning of our weekly farm share pick up. In this week's basket: asparagus, purple potatoes, leeks, and much more. Life with a toddler is m.e.s.s.y, but also an oh so rewarding adventure! 

Thanks for staying with us! Big family weekend coming up this weekend...we're celebrating: a hard-earned Master's Degree, 3 birthdays, and a USA homecoming!