Hey Little Baby!

Nope, no baby yet! However, I am at that point in this pregnancy when I call my Mom and she answers the phone with "Oh! Are you okay?!" :) We will be at full term on Thursday, so 3 more weeks to go until Baby Boy's due date!

The library is back in Caroline's good graces. For some reason, the library was the worst place in the world for 2 weeks (oh, toddlers!) but we have been able to go back and check out new books! 

Last week, I picked out Hey Little Baby by Heather Leigh off of the shelf because I thought it would be a nice addition to the inundation of big sister books we have been reading! It turns out that Hey Little Baby is one of those heart-warming, makes-a-pregnant-mama-cry kind of books. The book  asks questions like, " Little baby, what will you find in this world? What will you find in this marvelous world?" and "Little Baby, you've found your hands. What will you make with those beautiful hands?" This book isn't quite at the Love you Forever book level of crying, but it's still very touching. Baby Boy will find it under the Christmas tree this year :) 



Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week, friends!