Will you Be My Valentine?

Finger painting with a 13 month has the potential to be scary. However, with the right tools and a little patience, it can be a really fun activity for all involved! Caroline has been "painting" for a few months now, but just recently, she has started to actually ENJOY painting. Boy, was I a proud Mama! 

With Valentine's Day coming up this week, we made some valentines for dear friends. Here are some pics to show the process. Also note, from start to finish, this took no longer than 7 minutes. There is a lot to see and explore when you are 13 months old, so keeping Caroline in her highchair for longer than 7 minutes (without feeding her) is next to impossible! Enjoy :)


Start with: kid-safe paints, painting tape, paper, and something to cover your work space. Crayola Paints are good to use because they are non-toxic and wash out of clothes really easily. Yes, Caroline has licked her painted fingers and taken her whole paint covered hands and wiped them down the front of her dress...on multiple occasions.  

That's why we use kid-safe paint! 


With the painting tape, I stuck three pieces of tape together, each about 4 inches long, and cut out a heart. 


I cut two hearts out of painting tape and stuck them on the thick paper. The hearts will serve as a reverse stencil. It's time to bring out the paint! 


The work space is ready for the budding artist, complete with paint on a paper plate, sponge brush, plastic covering the table, and wipes. 


I imagine C thinking "Wow, painting is awesome! I'll just drag my fingers through this red stuff. OMG! My hand is red. How did THAT happen?!" 


C inspecting the sponge brush. She either paints in a bib & clothes or just a diaper. 


Here's the finished product after I took off the painting tape! 


Have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend with the ones you love!