Grown-up Weekend

Last weekend, we packed our bags for a getaway weekend. It was time to take a step back, recalibrate, and take a break from the routine of our daily lives. Caroline spent the weekend with Grandma & Pop and Greg & I spent the weekend in the DC area to celebrate our birthdays. This was our first full weekend away from Caroline, so after a few tears (from me) and many, many hugs, we were on our way to a full-fledged grown-up weekend. Really, I knew Caroline was going to have the time of her life; I guess it was just the letting go of my “we spend all day every day together” mentality that needed to happen (for Mommy more than Caroline).

Grown-up weekend kicked off with a lunch at Coastal Flats. This restaurant is one of our most favorites and they have the world’s best cauliflower mash. My mouth is literally watering right now thinking about it. Over the course of the weekend, we had 5 sit-down meals…and each lasted longer than 25 minutes! No one screamed during the meal, no sippy cups were thrown on the ground, and there wasn't a radius of destruction around our table. Greg and I were able to catch up on life and finish conversations that we just hadn’t gotten back around to. Not a sit-down meal, but we did have a delicious breakfast from Alexandria Cupcake one morning…chocolate peanut butter for me, every time!


Greg and I are big hand-holders.  It’s been our thing ever since the early years of dating in college. You better believe I held my husband’s hand the whole weekend long! This proved to be beneficial as I almost fell on my face on the icy sidewalks of Old Town Alexandria...more than once. Perhaps my shoe choice wasn’t the smartest! Who said BR orange, leather ballet flats aren't snow shoes?! He was a good sport too. He agreed to go shopping on his birthday and only rolled his eyes once at my selfie request!


Spending time with college friends was another highlight of the weekend. These are dear friends who we have known for almost half of our lives! These friends have seen us at our happiest, at our sleepiest, at our messiest, and at our silliest times and they still love us. We played tourist in our Nation’s Capitol, ate delicious food, and laughed A LOT! In April, we’ll be running a 10 miler with these friends, so Sunday morning included a training run. For some, it was a continuation of their race training. For others (Team Greg & Allison), it was the START of training!

We had a fabulous weekend, but oh goodness, were we ready to come back to see our sweet Caroline! Throughout the weekend, we received multiple photos of C with Grandma & Pop (What did people do before smart phones?).We came back well-rested, rejuvenated, and ready to jump back into our roles as parents. Caroline’s weekend was full of silly songs, yummy meals, time with friends, a trip to Barnes & Noble, and a lot of love from Grandma & Pop. Oh, and she got a pony…a My Little Pony! Thanks Mom & Dad for caring for Caroline so we could be grown-ups for the weekend!