Caroline's 1st Bday Party

Every night before going to bed, we tell Caroline that she is so loved. While I know this is true, having the people who love Caroline so much at her first birthday party really reaffirmed this fact. It was so very special to celebrate sweet baby C’s first year of life with family, friends, and neighbors.

A few months before the party while talking on the phone to a friend, she asked if there was a theme for Caroline’s party. “Uhhhhhhh not yet,” was my response. This sweet friend suggested we have a winter ONEderland party. Brilliant for a December baby whose party is in January! Yep, and I'm sharing this post in March! 

I’m the kind of a girl who takes a party theme and runs with it. (Sidebar, I actually think it’s easier to have a party theme than to not have one!) After many visits to Pinterest and craft stores, we were well on our way to celebrating C’s first birthday with snowmen, snowflakes, and hot cocoa.

We kept things simple. The party was held in the afternoon and we celebrated with a mix of kid and adult friendly foods, a hot cocoa bar, a craft, and a game. Caroline spent most of her party walking around in her ridiculously cute birthday outfit, “talking” at the top of her lungs while carrying around/chewing on a water bottle.

Caroline loves cupcakes. She has known about the existence of cupcakes for a few months, so we didn’t think the cupcake smash was going to be a clean affair.  Sitting in her high chair with 30 people singing to her while wearing an adorable birthday hat was not exactly what Caroline had in mind for her cupcake experience that day. Boy, did she scream! The lit candle stopped her in her tracks and after ripping off the hat, she calmed herself and was ready to dig in to that cupcake. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Special thanks to Caroline’s friend Ellis’ Grammy for sharing her wonderful pictures with us! 

Here are some of the party details: 

It was truly a special day to celebrate our sweet baby C!