A New Normal

When I was pregnant, Greg and I knew that life was going to change when C was born. We just didn’t know how life would change. I don’t think anyone can actually know EXACTLY how life will be different until you hold that sweet little bundle in your arms. Or until you realize the grand responsibility that lies ahead of you of protecting, guiding, teaching, supporting, and loving this little person.

Earlier this week, I read a friend’s blog post that really got me thinking. Andrew is a good friend of ours from high school and college. He and his wife are expecting twins any day now. Reading his thoughts completely took me back to pre-14 months ago when we were anxiously awaiting Caroline’s arrival. I remember thinking…“Our life is going to look completely different soon…Omg! When is this baby going to be here?...Is our baby going to be born on Christmas?...Omg! Omg! Omg!  I’m soooooooo excited!”

Being a parent is awesome! Sure, life is transformed once that sweet baby enters the world, but we wouldn’t change it for anything. After a little over a year of parenthood, Greg and I are calling this stage of our life “a new normal.” Yes, life is different with Caroline than when it was just us, but we wouldn’t change a thing.


Here are some of the more comical aspects of this beautiful and messy stage of life... 

 Pre-Baby: Free Saturday! Let’s sleep in.

Post-Baby: Free Saturday! Let’s find a playground early to let C run around to tire her out.


Pre-Baby: Road Trip - Car is neatly packed with 2 suitcases and a food bag.

Post-Baby: Road Trip - Car is packed with 3 suitcases, stroller, pac n play, diapers & wipes, toys & books, and a food bag that could feed snacks to a classroom full of kids.


Pre-Baby: Car Time - Humming the current pop songs from the radio.

Post-Baby: Car Time - Humming the same songs from all of Caroline’s singing toys over and over again.


Pre-Baby: Evaluate restaurants based on the food and atmosphere.

Post-Baby: Evaluate restaurants based on the high chair availability, kids menu options, diaper changing options, and speed of service

(Cheesecake Factory’s almost immediate food service is THE best)


Pre-Baby: Home Décor - Let’s decorate the house with cute style and try to replicate the Pottery Barn catalog with items from TJ Maxx.

Post-Baby: Home Décor - Let’s decorate with nothing on our low to reach shelves (unless it belongs to C) and our Tupperware will never be organized.


Pre-Baby: Fridge - Wine and apps were the staples.

Post-Baby: Fridge - Caffeine and milk are the staples.


Pre-Baby: Freezer - It was always stocked with frozen meals and ice cream.

Post-Baby: Freezer - Most useful item in our freezer is the Boo Boo Frog.

We pull out the Boo Boo Frog multiple times a day.


Pre-Baby: Meal Times - Coffee table was our kitchen table. TV was our entertainment.

Post-Baby: Meal Times - Kitchen table is used for its intended purpose. Caroline is our entertainment. 


It's so nice to hear from you! Would love to hear your "Pre-Baby, Post-Baby" in the comments section!