Made with Love: The Jones Market

Today is the last day to enter the giveaway from Bitsy Boutique! Entries due by 5pm EST. 

I love how social media lets us make connections with really cool people. Candis Jones of The Jones Market is one of those people! A friend of mine posted a picture on Instagram wearing a necklace from The Jones Market. I loved the necklace so much that I checked out the shop on Etsy right away, and soon after, purchased my first necklace!

The Jones Market sells adult necklaces and “little lady” necklaces. I have the Double Strand Necklace in Lemon (seen above) and can see Caroline rocking this matching one when she’s a little older! Not only is the necklace beautiful, non-toxic, and baby-friendly, it arrives in an adorable muslin bag with a handwritten note! I am a sucker for handwritten, personalized notes...such a nice touch!

In writing this post, I connected with Candis to find out about how their shop came to be. She told me that, “…our shop got started after I received a Christmas present a few years ago and didn't have the budget to give my friend a gift as well. I decided to make something for her and had to use supplies I already had and this is how the very first necklace was created. After she received her necklace she wanted more and word of mouth spread into the business we have today. They didn't start out baby friendly, but now 5 generations of necklaces later, they are! I love that they honestly just started out as a pretty necklace! It makes me so happy that they are beautiful enough to wear even if you don't have curious little baby hands tugging at your jewelry regularly.” 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a girlfriend or are in the market for a great “pop of color” necklace yourself, be sure to check out The Jones Market and support their shop!