DIY Felt Board

Our neighborhood holds two HUGE garage sales each year. We definitely did well at last summer's garage sale in the plastic, "take up a lot of space" toy department! By the time we had visited most of the streets, our trunk was full. And….oh by the way, I had to employ the use of our neighbor who has a truck to bring home the mini jungle gym to go in the backyard for C because it wouldn’t fit in my newly emptied trunk (Thank you, neighbor!). We came home that day with two ride along toys, a musical table, a toy baby laptop, a See-N-Say, a new pair of pajamas for C, a mini jungle gym, and this beauty…


Bottom line, this garage sale was very fruitful and we will definitely be there the next time around!

So the easel had been leaning against our garage wall for months, waiting for a little TLC. I was in Michael’s (Boy do I love that store!) looking for items for another project when I came across the section of the store with felt. I had used felt boards in my classroom before and it dawned on me that C could navigate a felt board! I bought some black felt for the background and some brightly colored felt in which to cut some shapes. I left the store with felt for our felt board, but nothing to put the felt on.

As I pulled into the garage after my trip to Michael's, I drove past the easel leaning against the garage wall. A light bulb went off in my head!  The easel could be the base to the felt board. So after C went to bed that night, I went to work scrubbing the easel, my garage sale treasure that had probably spent most of its life outdoors.

Once the easel was clean, I laid out the black felt to serve as the backdrop to the felt board. I cut the felt so that I could tie the ends together to secure the felt to the easel.  Please excuse my freehand cutting of the black felt! 

Using the brightly-colored felt, I cut out a few simple shapes for C to use on her felt board. No velcro or adhesive required because felt sticks to felt. 


A few days after telling my Mom about this DIY felt board project, this adorable package of felt food arrived in the mail for C!

So thoughtful…thanks Mom!


The felt board has been a big hit with C and her friends! It will be very versatile as she begins to learn her colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. Bonus...the whole project took 30 minutes and most of that time was spent cleaning the easel! 


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Monday, March 10!