Easter Basket for C

Phew! Easter is right around the corner! It seems like we've been doing Easter crafts and hiding plastic Easter eggs for a really.long.time. As the Easter Bunny does the final prep before making the rounds on Saturday night/Sunday morning, I thought I'd share what will be delivered to sweet Caroline! 

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  1. Tote for library books - LL Bean is so classic! 
  2. Outdoor toys - sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a "stunt ribbon" (basically, it's a Caroline-sized kite), and a water wheel. 
  3. Little People Coloring Book (thank you Dollar Tree!) and one of the variations of the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books. 
  4. Animal Party - These little water squirters will be fun in the tub, pool, or with a bucket of water in the summer! 

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!