Etsy Baby Love

So many of the items I purchase on Etsy come from recommendations from friends and blogs that I follow so I thought I would share some of my recent faves...

- Great friends just had their second baby and we sent this package their way

- This monogrammed hat was adorable and warm for C's first winter


- C's nursery is a mix of pinks and orange and I fell in love with this mobile

- We tracked C's first year with these monthly stickers and Baby Boy already has a set too

- This Rudolph baby hat is ridiculously awesome. Merry Christmas to Baby Boy!

- As I start to think about nursing Baby Boy, I'm loving this Boppy cover 

- We received a Boppy lounger as a gift with Caroline and we LOVED it! This time around, I think we'll purchase a cover for the lounger because it gets so much use. 

What are your favorite Etsy shops? I'd love to hear about them!