OMG...chocolate butterfinger cake.

In searching for some new healthy, summer recipes, I ran across Picky Palate's Double Chocolate Butterfinger Layered Cake. I wouldn't necessarily file this in the healthy recipe category, but I just had to try it! 

The hardest thing about this recipe, I think, was finding the 2 cup ramekins that you bake the batter in. A friend of mine is a fabulous baker and was my resource for the ramekins! (Thanks Beth!) I decided to try this recipe out for Father's Day and it was a huge hit! 

Here are my "I'm not at all a photographer...and definitely not a food photographer" pictures of the cake making! From left to right and by row...dry ingredients, wet ingredients, 2 cup ramekins, batter in ramekins, cakes cooling, and my taste tester! 

The homemade icing is AS delicious as the cake! What a moist, delicious cake this was! One note, I needed to transport the cake, so I made 2 two-layer cakes, instead of a 1 four-layer cake. 

This was definitely a delicious Picky Palate recipe and I intend to check out more soon!