Toddler see, Toddler do

Some days, I feel like I have a little 18 month old shadow following me...watching, soaking it all in, and learning SO much. Here are some of my recent faves of Caroline-isms...

Part of my morning routine is putting on deodorant (although, sometimes this pregnant brain forgets!) and C has really taken a liking to this part of the routine. After I put on my deodorant, I give her the deodorant. Caroline then hikes up her shirt, hunches over to see her belly button, and furiously rubs the (closed!) deodorant all over her belly button. She hasn't yet discovered her armpits, but she is ALL about her belly button! Nobody has stinky belly buttons in this house! 

Each "night"....well, more like late afternoon around 5pm...we do our best to sit down at the kitchen table together for dinner. Greg and I each grew up in Catholic families who say grace before dinner and this is a tradition that we'd like to continue. So the three of us hold hands (sometimes Caroline's hands are already slimy from her jumping into dinner a bit early) and say grace. Afterwards, we make the sign of the cross which Caroline watches VERY intently. Then Caroline jumps back in for the "amen" with a loud and excited clap to kick off dinner! 


One of Caroline's sweet, little friends has a play phone at her house. One morning at playgroup recently, Caroline discovered said phone and played with it the WHOLE morning. When we got home, I found Caroline's play phone at our house and it has been one of her faves ever since. She LOVES when you "talk" on the phone and when you give the phone back to her, she'll say "OooooOoooo" for "Hello!" 


Oh sweet Caroline, you keep us on our toes each and every day. Keep learning and exploring!