Crafting in the Pre-Pinterest days

6+ years ago when we were planning for our wedding, there was no Pinterest. Crazy, I know! Apparently, the first prototype of Pinterest launched in March 2010, but only in the past few months have I joined this time-suck full of amazing ideas called Pinterest.  

I'm pretty sure within a week of being proposed to, I had a stack of wedding magazines as high as our coffee table and I had flipped through most of them at least once. One of the ideas that I found in a magazine (yes, that makes me sound old...) was to create ribbon boards to display the guests' place cards at the reception. I loved this idea because I could incorporate our wedding colors (raspberry & orange) and I was in the mood for a DIY project.

My Mom and I took on the ribbon board project with gusto! We used canvases as the base, covered the canvas with fabric, and secured the ribbons with thumbtacks. Below are the finished products at our wedding reception. 

Well, fast forward to 2012 when we were prepping the nursery for Caroline's arrival. The color scheme for her nursery was also raspberry and orange so we decided to hang the ribbon boards in Caroline's room as part of the decor. I absolutely love that we were able to reuse the ribbon boards and that they have such sentimental value. 

Now, fast forward to the present as we prep the nursery for Baby Boy's arrival in November! A raspberry and orange color scheme worked great for Caroline, but Baby Boy's room will have a gray, dark blue, and orange motif. I know what you're thinking...Baby Boy needs his own ribbon boards. Yes indeed!

While my Mom was visiting earlier this month, we scoured the local craft stores for the supplies and spent two evenings after Caroline went to bed making these...

Baby Boy may not have a lot of blue clothes to wear yet, but he does have wall decor! Phew! ;) These ribbon boards have been simple to make and are very affordable wall decor that add a great pop of color to any nursery/room!