Pie with Chicka

For the past month, Jack has decided that he wanted/needed to nurse or snuggle multiple times between the hours of 1am and 7am. Alas, that trend stopped last night with a marathon slumber from 7:30pm - 5am for Jack. Wooooooohoooooo! Consecutive hours of sleep can really work wonders for this Mommy. Besides snuggling with sweet Jack in the wee hours of the morning, I got some quality time surfing the world wide web. I came across a recipe for Twix Ice Cream Pie thanks to Two Peas and their Pod Blog and I just had to share! Oh my gosh, this recipe is a good one! 

Last Saturday morning Caroline spied the ingredients of the pie spread out on the counter and decided it would be a good time to help! So with Caroline standing at the counter and Jack in the baby carrier, we started to make this decadent and delicious pie. Side note...Caroline is VERY into the show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood right now and she decided that Miss Elaina and O the Owl (2 of the show's characters) were going to help us too! 

Basically, the pie is a shortbread cookie crust with a layer of melted chocolate, vanilla ice cream with Twix candy bars and salted caramel in it, garnished with more Twix and more salted caramel. Caroline has a sweet tooth like her Mommy and whenever chocolate is involved, Caroline is interested! As I was cutting up the Twix bars, I heard a lot of, "I want more chicka please!" Chicka = chocolate :) 

Here are some pics from our pie making adventure! 

If you are looking for a relatively easy and yummy pie to complement your summer BBQ,

this pie is a winner! 

It's beginning to look a lot like fall...

Happy fall, y'all! I know, I know...I'm jumping on the fall bandwagon in all of its "It's October!" and pumpkin-ified glory. Oh well! Fall happens to be my favorite season and thanks to the positive results of my pregnancy glucose test, I am able to indulge in all yummy things pumpkin. However, I must admit that the ONLY pumpkin food item that I just can't get excited about is Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte. Every year I seem to order one and "try" to like it for the season, but I just.can't.do.it. Sorry to my fellow PSL lovers! 

Here's how we've been celebrating this fall season so far...

We took a little road trip to watch some college football and spend time with awesome friends.

(more about taking a road trip with a toddler coming soon!) 

We made THE simplest apple and pumpkin crafts with 4 items: construction paper, toilet paper rolls, tape, and crayons. Start by cutting out an apple or a pumpkin and a leaf. Have your toddler color the item. Tape the apple/pumpkin and leaf to the toilet paper roll. Voila!

It's the simplest craft ever!


I made (and sampled) these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies yesterday during nap time. Delicious! You can find the recipe here

Our mantle is all set for fall! Last year, some neighbors and I spray painted the bottles on the left to look like candy corn. It's a fun and simple way to decorate for the season!

I still have some of my trolls from when I was a kid and Caroline likes to collect them and play with them at her table :)

Wow, what a difference a year makes! C loves to point out pumpkins anywhere we see them, so you better believe the pumpkin patch was an exciting place!

(Pic on the left - Oct 2013, Pic on the right - Sept 2014)

Last but not least...YUM! 

Have a great week, friends! 



OMG...chocolate butterfinger cake.

In searching for some new healthy, summer recipes, I ran across Picky Palate's Double Chocolate Butterfinger Layered Cake. I wouldn't necessarily file this in the healthy recipe category, but I just had to try it! 

The hardest thing about this recipe, I think, was finding the 2 cup ramekins that you bake the batter in. A friend of mine is a fabulous baker and was my resource for the ramekins! (Thanks Beth!) I decided to try this recipe out for Father's Day and it was a huge hit! 

Here are my "I'm not at all a photographer...and definitely not a food photographer" pictures of the cake making! From left to right and by row...dry ingredients, wet ingredients, 2 cup ramekins, batter in ramekins, cakes cooling, and my taste tester! 

The homemade icing is AS delicious as the cake! What a moist, delicious cake this was! One note, I needed to transport the cake, so I made 2 two-layer cakes, instead of a 1 four-layer cake. 

This was definitely a delicious Picky Palate recipe and I intend to check out more soon! 

Monster Cookie Goodness

The summer of 2006 was the summer our dog Emmet joined our family. Naturally, a puppy needs to be walked a lot to get all of his energy out. Greg and I walked Emmet all over our trendy, little neighborhood....up and down the residential streets, main street with shops & restaurants, and even in the downtown area. 

The summer of 2006 was also the summer of the monster cookie blizzard at Dairy Queen. Oh.My.Gosh. The monster cookie blizzard was definitely the best blizzard option of the 35+ options to choose from! The mixture of peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chips, m&m's was a little slice of heaven. 

We always seemed to find a way to meander towards DQ on our walks. And we took A LOT of walks that summer!  Somehow we justified all of the DQ blizzards we ate that summer because we walked to get them!

To make a long story short, DQ has since discontinued the heavenly monster cookie blizzard and Greg and I have been left looking to fill this void. 

Well, the other day I came across this recipe for monster cookies from Recipe Girl's blog and HAD to try it. It is a very easy recipe to follow and the cookies are absolutely delish!

Here are some pics of the process: 

(Please excuse the quality of these photos. I am by no means a food photographer so please ignore my lack of staging, as well as the clutter on my counters!) 

If by chance you have been looking to fill the void of the monster cookie blizzard in your life, well these cookies are the next best thing! The recipe made 100 cookies with a small cookie dough scoop so I plan to share and store some away in the freezer. Happy baking!