It's beginning to look a lot like fall...

Happy fall, y'all! I know, I know...I'm jumping on the fall bandwagon in all of its "It's October!" and pumpkin-ified glory. Oh well! Fall happens to be my favorite season and thanks to the positive results of my pregnancy glucose test, I am able to indulge in all yummy things pumpkin. However, I must admit that the ONLY pumpkin food item that I just can't get excited about is Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte. Every year I seem to order one and "try" to like it for the season, but I just.can' Sorry to my fellow PSL lovers! 

Here's how we've been celebrating this fall season so far...

We took a little road trip to watch some college football and spend time with awesome friends.

(more about taking a road trip with a toddler coming soon!) 

We made THE simplest apple and pumpkin crafts with 4 items: construction paper, toilet paper rolls, tape, and crayons. Start by cutting out an apple or a pumpkin and a leaf. Have your toddler color the item. Tape the apple/pumpkin and leaf to the toilet paper roll. Voila!

It's the simplest craft ever!


I made (and sampled) these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies yesterday during nap time. Delicious! You can find the recipe here

Our mantle is all set for fall! Last year, some neighbors and I spray painted the bottles on the left to look like candy corn. It's a fun and simple way to decorate for the season!

I still have some of my trolls from when I was a kid and Caroline likes to collect them and play with them at her table :)

Wow, what a difference a year makes! C loves to point out pumpkins anywhere we see them, so you better believe the pumpkin patch was an exciting place!

(Pic on the left - Oct 2013, Pic on the right - Sept 2014)

Last but not least...YUM! 

Have a great week, friends! 



Easter Basket for C

Phew! Easter is right around the corner! It seems like we've been doing Easter crafts and hiding plastic Easter eggs for a really.long.time. As the Easter Bunny does the final prep before making the rounds on Saturday night/Sunday morning, I thought I'd share what will be delivered to sweet Caroline! 

Don't forget to swing back here by this Friday and 

enter the Numbers Alive! giveaway for a free book and poster! 

  1. Tote for library books - LL Bean is so classic! 
  2. Outdoor toys - sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a "stunt ribbon" (basically, it's a Caroline-sized kite), and a water wheel. 
  3. Little People Coloring Book (thank you Dollar Tree!) and one of the variations of the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books. 
  4. Animal Party - These little water squirters will be fun in the tub, pool, or with a bucket of water in the summer! 

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!