Photo Shoot: 1 Year

Caroline is a happy-go-lucky kind of girl. She flashes her sweet smile all day long.


When sweet C turned one, like most one year olds, she became MUCH more aware of her surroundings. All pediatrician visits prior to her one-year check up went as smooth as a baby's bottom. Not her one-year check up. The vibe of the room and the unknown staff must have wigged her out. I have never heard Caroline scream more than when we had to undress her and measure her height at this fateful appointment. And this was before the physical exam, before checking in her ears, before the doctor arrived, and before receiving her 4 shots and finger prick. Let me tell you- we were e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d when this appointment was finally over.

Then it came time to take one year old professional pictures. We went to our photographer Amy’s house and things were all hunky dory until the scary camera came out. We tried everything....cookies, crayons, two iPhones, Amy’s tv remotes, music, Mommy & Daddy being in the picture, Mommy & Daddy dancing off camera, and balloons. You name it, we tried it, but that camera remained a scary object in the mind of our sweet one year old. Nothing worked! Below are the best photos of that shoot.

Thank you to Amy of Amy Adams Photography for your patience and for capturing the spunk of our sweet little girl...especially under the circumstances! Enjoy!

But our favorite photos are...